secret admirer asked 4 months ago

What if there was an Adventure atime miniseries about your OCs :0
Any idea what kinda plot or interactions yous like to see?

sdhsfhsbdsbdhd i feel like my oc concepts and themes are kinda dark for even adventure time unless it gets rlly weird and metaphorical~? but hmmm,,,, kienan in adventure time is a flower princess, so it might be interesting explore his kingdom being long lost when he wakes from an enchanted sleep, and have the story follow some other characters trying to be help him find his way home~? maybe finn, tho i also have talked on aethy abt how badly i want a susan and frieda spinoff so that would also be very cool~! i think it would be a very melancholy and nostalgic kind of tone, a story abt loss and loneliness and abt letting go,,,~ 🌸

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