Spamton's cervix
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find out more about my mental illnesses


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[Valued Customer] asked 2 months ago

[drops eggs in your inbox]

[Valued Customer] asked 3 months ago

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[Valued Customer] asked 3 months ago

Have you ever RPd before? If so, is it normal for things to feel awkward at first? I've been teasing the idea but am worried about the. You know.

[Valued Customer] asked 4 months ago

I keep almost playing Deltarune but then I don't. I think I need a push, so: is there anything you can say to try and push a complete stranger to play Deltarune?

[Valued Customer] asked 4 months ago

Are you a fan of hanahaki disease trope?

It's fine, no real strong feelings. I'm usually in fandoms that are, well, silly, so I rarely see this trope in fanworks for things I like but I see the appeal. Literally physically dying of unrequited love by having your lungs doing some body horror stuff is a fun concept to explore! :D

plus I drew simpsons hanahaki fanart one time when i was younger

512 asked 6 months ago

Birthday party. What are you bringing? :3

[Valued Customer] asked 6 months ago

What are your opinions on Scampton, a "swapped" version of Spamton?
(if you're unfamiliar, there's a video of a fangame made for his fight that's about 11 mins)

Anon i'm so sorry but I can't stand him for some reason. Probably has something to do with spamvil being my NOTP and me being bored of the underswap wannabees at this point. I appreciate the effort put into making a fangame though! nice to see people enjoying themselves

[Valued Customer] asked 6 months ago

Did you have any particular inspirations for your fursona?

He was initially designed by my friend, but I kept adjusting the details as I was getting the hang of drawing him 8]

  • the striped top and the heart pendant were based on the Chara Undertale cosplay I was doing that day (yeah)
  • he initially had big eyes and a small mouth like my old human sona but I once made a redraw of this image https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FmvZpJ4WQAA1PfA?format=jpg&name=small and it just looked right xD
  • generally he makes me think of Garfield

I think that's all!

Snagen asked 6 months ago

whats the best soundtrack in deltarune

Nooooo I can't choose just one, especially since we don't even have the full thing yet
My choices are going to be extremely basic for now! xD
I love Field of Hopes and Dreams and A CYBER'S WORLD?, they're giving me some sort of a warm nostalgic feeling even if they're not old yet. Rude Buster is a banger and the boss themes are nice (Chaos King is my probably my least favorite among them though)

[Valued Customer] asked 7 months ago

Do you have a fav theme for your writings/fics? (I guess this is kinda hard to answer since it’s such a general question haha, to narrow it down I’d go with fav theme to write about Spamton?) (Also bless you for still making absolutely fine Spamton contents)

OMG just saw this!!
thank you, kind stranger! ヾ(^▽^*)))
Some has to keep doing this like the sans fans do (without barely any new official content)

I think I especially love exploring the questionable stuff that goes on inside the characters' minds. Hatred, irrational beliefs of self-grandeur, jealousy, violent thoughts, unhealthy desires and such

I've been reeeeally struggling with writing as of lately, unfortunately, but I really hope to figure it all out soon >< I still have a lot of ideas and drafts to make into stories

Steak asked 7 months ago

How did you get INSIDE Spamton's cervix

Steak asked 8 months ago

Do you use markers for your artwork?

Noooo, I stick to the good ol' pen and pencil :"D
My traditional drawings are usually pretty rough, I think that even if I got markers they wouldn't really look in place, you know?
Although it would be interesting to try 🤔🤔

[Valued Customer] asked 8 months ago

What drew your focus to Spamton specifically?

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