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So this heatwave has been going for almost two weeks here. Many cities, including mine, registered over 30°C even after midnight. Should we blow up Antarctica to revert climate change?

I've been reading about "Hell de Janeiro" this past week - 58.8C!!!! I feel for you. It must be awful.

We need more energy sources, we need more mind on building cities with big domes and shields on which we can control the weather. other than this keep dreaming.

C'mon this is summer as always, there is no climate change, that is a stupid invention of the weather men to fill their pockets go buy yourself a fan and drink mango cocktails! devilish laughter from a distance

I can tell you're gutted that Taylor Swift has cancelled her concert!

At first I thought you said, "blow up America to revert climate change," and I thought that made more sense. =P

Im sorry to hear that. I’m sure that the humidity must add another layer of misery. Most of the time when it’s that hot here it not also humid. It’s mostly a dry heat. The humidity makes it that much more uncomfortable.

nooooo it is time to install giant slushie machines at both poles

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