A Curious Flamingo asked 5 months ago

I’ve got a question I bought a chara from someone his name is Tobias but the coding is off? And it’s all glitchy instead showing his name and your the one that they used for the coding and what not and. I was wondering how I fix it also idk how to credit someone who does coding but I’ll try to update it to pinky if I can I just wasnt sure how else to get ahold of you so I tried here

my best guess is WYSIWYG isn’t turned off properly, it ruins the code. follow my rules to turn it if off properly (don’t use the toggle, use display settings, i explain how to do this in my rules and troubleshooting tips) and paste in a fresh copy to replace the ruined coding. as stated in my rules i don’t support freebie content if you need help try asking on the forums or in the TH coding discord https://discord.gg/hZFvnww