A Curious Flamingo asked 5 months ago

I wasn’t asking for you to fix, I just thought you’d say it was because it’s limited to the original amount of box’s because I don’t think I broke the code because I messed around with other areas of the code and I was able to fix it fine, but thank you for the advice/resource I really appreciate it.

sorry if my answer wasn’t worded right. i meant more any type of question there is “how do i do this?” or “why isn’t this working?” i don’t handle - even if you’re not asking me to write the code for you you’re asking me to explain how to code you which takes more time and effort than me just writing the code LOL i am not someone who is good at explaining/teaching things, i like to write code but I don’t speak well. There are people in the coding discord that are able to answer questions/explain things really well so I always recommend them! Glad you were able to fix it tho, editing code yourself requires gaining a certain level of understanding of what you’re looking at, being able to teach yourself means you’re pretty sharp, anon 💃🏻