A Curious Flamingo asked over 1 year ago

hii I tried to use this code https://toyhou.se/5270043.-freebie-flat-world and put dark mode, Idk if it's because I used it on a character instead of a world, but the sidebar remains white like the light mode, and the font becomes white too so I can't read anything :0 https://toyhou.se/15941768.- is there any way to change the color of the sidebar or font?

this css is intended for worlds, please do not use it anywhere else. in general if CSS is not working correctly it's usually either...

  1. using it in a place where it is not intended, i code most my css to break when used incorrectly

  2. not installing it correctly (either not copying all the CSS, or not setting switches correctly)

  3. combining with other CSS; if you paste two css imports together they will conflict and break

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