A Curious Flamingo asked 2 months ago

Do you have any tips for beginner coders? Just curious how you learned all the cool coding and stuff,if you also happened to have code snippets maybe? >< sorry if disturbing just programming and coding is my future dream job/current hobby and also have a great day<3

I first learned HTML from the neoepts coding tutorial way back in the day (like neopets had an HTML tutorial on site for making petpages haha) and learned everything else from google/reading online tutorials. Now a days there a million more resources out there so you dont really need to use ol' neopets, find literally any tutorial that speaks to you or watch youtube tutorials. I cant recommend a specific one cuz everyone learns different, you'll need to find one that you like.

If I had any general advice, it'd be...

  • code your own layouts. When I first started making templates, I was basically the only person. Every code I have made, I write myself. I didnt reference anyone else's work or follow any toyhouse tutorials, I knew HTML and CSS and I applied that knowledge to toyhouse to make things. I noticed now a days a lot of people rely on copying and pasting existing templates and just hoping it works. And this can make you something, but you're not going to learn as much as if you write your own code, research what you need to do, troubleshoot your own issues, etc. Basically you learn by doing!

  • use real coding tutorials to learn HTML/CSS and apply that knowledge to toyhouse. I noticed a rise of people making toyhouse "tutorials" and most of them are just people copying and pasting existing documentation which I don't... really get (I'm assuming it's to get easy favs? lol). Go read the real docs! Don't focus on teaching yourself how to make a toyhouse template, teach yourself HTML/CSS + bootstrap and use toyhouse as the place you practice the concepts you learn.

  • don't get too discouraged. learning takes a while. you probably wont understand everything on your first try, and often not on your second or third. i see a lot of people not get things right away and go "im too stupid to do this" but that's not true, learning these things is hard and takes time, you're not dumb if you don't get it right away, you just need more practice! it will probably be a few months before you're really comfortable with CSS, and for real programming languages it can take longer. it's normal, you'll get better as you get more experience !

And as a general note, what you do on toyhouse is very light HTML/CSS and not really reflective of being a programmer. I work full time as a web dev and toyhouse is my side hobby cuz I like characters and doing front end stuff. Programming is a great career to get into, I like it a lot! I personally learned a lot of programming stuff by following multi part series youtube videos - people have videos where they'll make an entire site/program, and each video will cover a different concept of site they're making. The programs they make are very simple and meant to showcase the language so you can get an understanding of the basics, I think these are a great way to learn new concepts so it might be something you wanna check out.