A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

Hello!! I'm currently using your retheme code [which is awesome, by the way!], but I cannot figure out how to change the colours of the box containing the character's name/OC creation date/Creator/Favourites!! Also applies to the "recent images" box and some other things, but I think fixing one of those might fix the other things! Dunno if I'm just being silly and I'm missing something/need to change something small, or if I messed something up somewhere... Thanks in advance <:)

I'm not 100% sure what you're referring to here, but I'm going to guess you mean a freebie css that recolors/rethemes the site? I know some of those exist, but I don't offer that personally. You'd need to check with the person who made it.

If you mean one of my freebies (simple, soft, clean demo, page demo) those are light/dark mode only so there is no setting for customizing colors beyond that.

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