A Curious Flamingo asked 3 months ago

Hey! I tried to DM you on toyhouse but it didn't work (It says I can't DM you) so I'll ask here! I bought your Clean bundle on gumroad a year ago, and it seems the import link has broken, because suddenly the CSS won't work as it should. What should I do?

“won’t work as it should” is too vague a problem, i can’t help with this. you’d need to PM me the live code, my PMs are open and working (I just got 2 this morning so i know I can receive them). If you’re having PM issues id check you’re sending to the correct account + any settings you have on your account that might prevent PMs

also feel it’s worth mentioning make sure you’re turning WYSIWYG off via the way specified in my rules and FAQ, 95% of the “my code worked and now it doesn’t” issues I get sent are people who are not turning it off correctly so it’s a likely culprit