A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

What is your favorite part about coding?

Interesting question! I like seeing the finished product LOL

In terms of toyhouse, I enjoy designing the layout and seeing the layout when it's done and filled with pictures and info. It's neat to make things! My actual job is mostly backend work (I write the front end too, but it's for a boring business and the layout designs are very simple/dull LOL) so it's fun on toyhouse to make things that show off my little anime art and OCs

In terms of my actual job, it's really neat to see something in production that like... real humans are using and know I made that LOL just kind of blows my mind I smashed around on my keyboard for several days to several months and now complete strangers are doing their job with that thing I made.

Basically I like thinking of ideas, and I like seeing what I made. The in between of writing actual code is eh. I don't hate it, don't love it. It can be tedious at times but I think most jobs are like that.

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