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Epsi asked 22 days ago · 29 answers

Fantasy or Sci-fi?

mer asked 28 days ago

which hotline miami mask is best?

i haven't actually played so i can only rate aesthetics, which obviates an explicit answer

mer asked about 1 month ago

tea or coffee and how do you drink it?

both, depending on context and/or time of day. coffee with milk and sugar, tea with honey (only locally-produced honey, none of the sugar syrup they sell you in supermarkets)

Epsi asked about 2 months ago · 31 answers

Have you meowed, waffed, awooed or made any other animal noise today?

not yet but i just woke up and my friend whos staying over isnt up yet, i dont wanna wake them up by awooing

mer asked about 2 months ago

What is your take on applying the Hayek master/slave dialectic to top/bottom dynamics?

Anonymous Coward asked about 2 months ago

who's your boyfriend?

mer asked 2 months ago

Not a question but close your blinds and don't open the door. Whatever's outside is NOT ME, no matter what it says.

oh ok i was wondering why you had like twice the amount of teeth a normal human does

Anonymous Coward asked 2 months ago

What's your bodycount?

Anonymous Coward asked 3 months ago

Gay fox

Crafti asked 3 months ago


partridge asked 3 months ago · 6 answers

What, pray tell, are your weekend plans?

im gonna make quinoa salad and fried rice, both with tofu. i'm gonna walk 3 km every day like i usually do. i'm gonna clean my place a bunch. play some viddies with bf hopefully. maybe submit some more akkoma patches.

Anonymous Coward asked 3 months ago

Ever beat up someone at school?

worst i ever did to anyone was this rather small kid who tagged along with a group that used to bully me. one time he got too cocky and took to bullying me on his own, and i just sorta snapped and threw him to the ground. i still remember the fear in his eyes. i don't know what he thought i was capable of.

Anonymous Coward asked 3 months ago

how have you been recently?

ups and downs. worries about the future. worries about nothing in particular. worries about silly things. thoughts about him. lots of thoughts about him.

partridge asked 3 months ago · 7 answers

what are your weekend plans

i was gonna meet with a fren but they're not feeling well, so i'm probably just gonna do a bunch of housework and get the place up to snuff because someone special is coming to visit next week. probably gonna play some valheim with another friend if they're around.

adidal asked 3 months ago · 1 answer

Grilled or raw marshmallows?

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