puff !?

i am currently in the process of tapping into government computers! - resident autism creature and yfm fan

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ask questions or i will eat u


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BidenLadysMan asked 17 days ago · 2 answers

In the US they are planning on making Daylight Saving permanent. Spiking crime, inflation, can't find food for your baby. Nah we need SUN!! Yall are much smarter than I. Can you tell me why Daylight savings being permanent changes anything? I watched Bill Nye the science Guy. Winter depends on hemispheres.. and the earth's position near the sun. it's coming regardless of our clocks..🤔😆

daylight savings is USELESS... i don't get why it still exists

Shannon asked about 1 month ago · 11 answers

What's your opinion on the activist who keep throwing food on paintings?

BidenLadysMan asked about 1 month ago · 1 answer

A friend suggested I watch thw new Jurassic park movie to wash the taste of Halloween Ends out of my mouth lol let's wash one bad movie with another. Like getting a lobotomy then getting fucked in the pooper. I mean I guess it would feel better 😂

my brother HATED the new jurassic park. like actually couldn’t stand it. he watched it with my dad and im glad that i didnt have to watch that shit

Shannon asked about 2 months ago · 13 answers

Is there a franchise you are obssed with?

YOUR FAVORITE MARTIAN!!!!!!! and literally anything rwj has done :D he’s so cool

Daniel asked 3 months ago · 15 answers

What are pieces of media that you are you looking forward to? Me: The movie Oppenheimer, GTA 6 and the netflix series based on the book trilogy "The three body problem"

if yfmts ever comes back, that will be your answer right there :D

BidenLadysMan asked 3 months ago · 2 answers

California having massive electrical problems. Because all the tree hugging goofs plug their electric cars in all at once and collapsed the power grid. Didn't think about that did ya? Where do you think the plug was going to go, up your ass.🤣 you're over taxing an aging power grid that hasn't been updated since 1920's.

you know who else enjoys putting plugs up their ass??? your- conveniently placed equals three transition noise

BidenLadysMan asked 4 months ago · 1 answer

We're in the middle of a heatwave (obviously) and all the climate change ppl are licking their chops going SEE! Or it's, August and its always kind of hot🤷‍♂️ Here's an "inconvenient truth" for climate change folks. we recently broke a record set in 1948. We hit 95 degrees. if things should be getting worse and worse because ppl are evil, then why isn't it 200 degrees 74 yrs later? We are more evil now remember that. Ohhh because it's bullshit.. ppl just want to tax us on bullshit😆

BidenLadysMan asked 4 months ago · 4 answers

When you're at a restaurant how often have you complained about the food?

i try not to bc im very worried about what people think of me (insert autism tbh creature here) but i definitely have complained before

Shannon asked 4 months ago · 9 answers

Is having 11 weddings to 11 different people too much or too little for you?

what the actual futuristic monkey testicles dude of fuckin course that’s too much

Daniel asked 5 months ago · 15 answers

What's the last video that you have watched on youtube?

something by pegasus probably, i’ve also been watching rwj’s old series =3

Shannon asked 5 months ago · 13 answers

What's your opinion on archery?

i’ve tried it before!! kinda fun but i’d pretty much only do it while camping or some shit

BidenLadysMan asked 5 months ago · 2 answers

Here's something that might spark controversy. What do think its harder to be today, a man or woman?

BidenLadysMan asked 5 months ago · 2 answers

Elon Musk is pulling out of the twitter deal. his lawyers say twitter didn't share enough data about their rampant bots on the platform that's why the deal is off. conspiracy theorist in me wonders. Twitter is the most powerful source of information The REAL ppl who run this world are not letting that power go. They went to Musk like Nah, nah, nah. keep ur little rocket man shit. ur electric scooters and we'll run things Ask Epstein what happens when u step on us cloak and dagger shit! Walk away Elon,🤔😨

idk about the whole conspiracy thing but this is a W, finally we freed twitter

Daniel asked 5 months ago · 15 answers

Which fictional character would you bang?

BidenLadysMan asked 5 months ago · 2 answers

What do you think a simp is and is it always bad? 🤔

it’s not always bad bc i am a simp for multiple lofi producers

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