Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

Do you enjoy train rides and what was your longest train ride?

My longest so far was when I took the ICE to Frankfurt. Next week though I'm gonna take the oebb nightjet to vienna :0

As far as train rides go, I see it mostly as a means to get from point A to B. Whether it's enjoyable depends mostly on the quality of the trainride, having to ride on some beat-up old banger is of course much less enjoyable than riding a relatively new train. The ICE ride for example wasn't bad, but it had its moments over shoddy rails where the train would violently throw you around in your chair. In contrast, the new local trains we have here are a dream to ride on :3

That said, I do much prefer traveling by train over any other method. Driving my car has a sense of independence, but I really hate road traffic as it's very stressful. In the train I can just sit and relax and shut off for a while. Buses work too but they are generally not as comfy as a train, but it's good for short distances.