OminousWind asked about 2 years ago

places you wanna travel yes or yes before dying?

russia, poland, japan, taiwan and more parts of china, Czech, south middle/america.
i plan of traveling more in europe in the next years, because it is doable by train and all.

i especially wanna look up weird stuff in more countries, like weeb/goth/tech/gentoo/maker/nerd scenes. those are sometimes hard to find but the talks and experiences are very nice and comfy.

i also like just meeting people in a hostel or so and spent and evening with them.

im not a big fan of just sightseeing and "consuming" another country. i like being lazy during traveling and relax often. watching an anime in another country is not a waste of my time being there, it is a way to relax and calm down. thats on of the reasons i prefer being for a few months in a different place. though for short trips are more opportunities (talks/work or friends having a place somewhere i can stay for a few days)

oh and living in tunisia for some time would be interesting. though my french sucks and my arabic is basically nonexistent. for some reasons it is the only place i worry about language barrier

oh btw got no notification for the question o.O

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