wei wuxian 𔘓 asked 5 months ago

omg !!!! dont apologize for expressing ur excitement, thats nothing to apologize for !! anyway, i hope u don't mind me saying that ur reaction is so adorable as well as ur love for barbie 🥺 it might be just me but i really do love seeing people expressing their adoration for their interests or hobbies ☺️ im so glad u loved the movie and EEE.. ur reaction also makes me so excited to see it 😆 btw !! im seeing it on monday w/ my brother + mom and im sure by ur reaction ill enjoy it as well HEHE - 🌈

you're so sweet pls :( and no i don't mind at all!! heh i really love seeing people expressing their love for things they like too but you're just so exceptionally sweet about it 🥺 and im excited for you!! i really do hope you'll enjoy it and let me know your thoughts after you've watched it!! so we can gush over barbie together~

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