wei wuxian 𔘓 asked 3 months ago

whenim in a better thinking space ill reply to rly sweetie pie response 🥺but i wanna say this,, i get legit giddy speaking w/ u sjkhakahsksjs 👉🏼👈🏼 yr the best.. was gna say smth else.. i forgot tho anyway plz dont be bothered if i leave more scattered messages bc i just like talking w/ u.. tho ill stop if ur bothered.. plz lmk !! anyway byebye - 🌈

i understand but you also dont need to respond in a "sweet" way if you're not feeling the best!! your feelings matter the most so please dont ever force yourself or feel like you have to respond, you can talk to me when you feel much better! ^^ i also like talking to you and im not bothered at all don't worry!! take care 🌈 sending u much love <33

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