with love, dara

fairest one all of the stars ⭐💤

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Loveli’O asked 5 months ago · 11 answers

guys, what's your comfort food?

the explorer asked 5 months ago


yiya !? 🦕 asked 5 months ago · 9 answers

what criminally underrated song is in your mind as soon as you read this? 💬🤔

strawberry soju by jesse barrera, albert posis, michael carreon. breadcrumbs by jacob lee. the way i love you by yaeow, neptune. favorite lesson by yaeow. make this moment last by jim gaven

Hanna asked 5 months ago · 6 answers

rekomendasiin movie n nontonnya dimana

her (netflix), murder on the orient express (disney), the banshees of inisherin (disney), dead poets society (disney)

Araja asked 5 months ago · 20 answers

Now playingnya apa nih bang kalau boleh tau?

Araja asked 5 months ago · 11 answers

Twitter limit terus ya, ga kaya cintaku ke kamu yang unlimited, CHUAKS

Araja asked 5 months ago · 9 answers

Lagi apa?

asked 5 months ago

Hello, bubby! How’s your july so far? I hope it's as awesome as you are, yaaa! ♡

july.... treating me amqkwjwkwkwk (you are the witness) but i'm glad, when july treat me bad, i still having my closest friend around me, a good friend like youuuu. so yeah, you makes my july going better ♡

asked 5 months ago

My beloved bubby, Dara! I hope you are always surrounded by things that make you feel lucky and happy. Aamiin. Pleaseee, stay healthy! I love you so so so muchhh. 💗

YOU ARE SUCH AN ANGEL. my prettiest baby. you are the one who makes me happy and feel so lucky by around you, cantik. i love you soooo so much, please be happy more than anyone <3

the explorer asked 5 months ago

halo dara! kalau kamu dapat uang 10 milyar, mau dipake buat apa uangnya?

HADUH bingung banget tapi apa ya... firstly aku mau naik haji bareng keluarga (aamiin) dan sisanya i buy something that i want, my family's wishlist and many more. dan tentunya akan aku sedekahkan juga!

the explorer asked 5 months ago

reminder buat dara: you're allowed to take your time, to grow in your own beautiful day

hey, whoever you are who sent this, thank u so much! please be happy sendernim ♡

asked 5 months ago · 7 answers

How do you guys cope with heartbreak?

feels my pain. dipuas-puasin nangis dan sedihnya, sakitnya pokonya dirasain sampe ngerasa—seenggaknya kamu sadar, kalau kamu tuh gapapa sedih, tapi gak boleh berlarut. then i will distract my mind to do anything. grab some ice cream, chocolate or a lots of snack! dan yang pastinya punya sahabat cantik yang selalu menemani (kiww 😋🫵🏻) 😼💗

Khalid D’Meijr. asked 6 months ago · 13 answers

Hey, let's start a new conversation, perhaps? can you guys please suggest me some good food for today's dinner?

hi khalid! i think it's sate.. sate enak banget dimakan pakai nasi hangaaat

G. asked 6 months ago · 7 answers

Everyone, did Tuesday treats you well? Mind to tell me about your day?

hello G! tuesday treat me well, gladly. just staying at home 🏡🏡 how about your tuesday?

Kaleandra asked 6 months ago

Hello, I’m the sender from ssefnum. May I get your follow back, please? Thank you!

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