Anonymous Freak asked 7 months ago

What is your favourite Internet browser?

Eh I wouldn't say I have a favorite, it's more like I have some I dislike less than others. Brave and Firefox aren't too bad.
Tbh all modern browsers are subpar at best, there's always something infuriating about them.
Chrome is a classic but it's a CPU hog and full of Google telemetry.
Edge is fine I guess, but again, full of Microsoft telemetry.
Vivaldi has great customization, but it's clunky and sync can be pretty unreliable.
Brave has the perfect bookmark and sync system for my use case, but it has meh customization and it dabbles pretty freely into all that crypto shit, which...yikes. (I am still waiting for a crypto-less fork, but so far none has been made public.)
Firefox has great customization and amazing performances on my computer, but the mobile bookmarks are crap and it's constantly giving me trouble when I'm trying to make it do something seemingly simple.
I tend to alternate between Firefox and Brave, but honestly I tend to use Brave more because it's the only browser that doesn't have infuriating bookmarks on mobile, and the one with the most reliable sync. I tend to quickly switch between my PC and phone, and use bookmarks extensively, so those two are the most important features in a browser for me. Unfortunately, Brave is the only browser that fulfills both requirements perfectly. At least I have the option to disable the Web3 stuff in the settings, so there's that.

Whoops went ham on that reply.
Sorry, I get pretty passionate about web browsers lol.

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