Hannibal Lecter asked 23 days ago

hihi I just want to ask questions about the carrd purchase thing because I love to buy one from you one day! if that's okay with you :)

1) Does the person HAVE to have a carrd plan account in order to receive their carrd? (sorry if its a really dumb question)
2) Can the buyer request any changes to be made during the making like how it wants it to look like, what images can be but where, and that other stuff?
3) Can the buyer choose what carrd they want based on the YouTube tut that you make or they can only choose from the portfolio carrd (if no then i understand :) )

hii yes of course!! <3

1) it's not a dumb question dw! yes because you can only access/use carrds with a carrd account (unless you transfer it to neocities)

2) yes absolutely! i will discuss everything with you before making the design, so you can request any changes you want ^^

3) you can choose both! you can also choose any carrd that you find from other sites like pinterest, as long as the creator of the design is not taking commissions as well, if the creator is taking comms or selling the design then i won't make it! for carrds in my portfolio, the buyer needs pro standard or pro plus carrd plan to purchase it since pro features were used to make them ^^

you can check my comms carrd for more info and feel free to reach out again if you have any more questions!

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