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jangan sungkan jangan ragu


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Gabriel K. asked 2 months ago

lagi suka ngapain akhir akhir ini?

Same old same old kalau aku, paling lagi suka nonton film hehe

Anonymous Coward asked 2 months ago

Hey, pretty, are you eyeing on someone right now?

Nope, and probably I’m not interested to have a crush or even to be involved in any kind of relationship in the meantime. Thank you 🥺

Carlotta. asked 3 months ago · 8 answers

what is your favorite hobby that you pick up for the recent time?

journaling my tea time, i put it on a book, it’s more fun than i thought, hmm and now i’m planning to buy a lot of tea !!

Aletheia Jane asked 3 months ago · 13 answers

How do you use to entertain yourself after being overwhelmed by work or things?

apaya turu kali ya terus biasanya main game atau gak nulis atau gak hunting foto biar sejedagg agar tidak mumed

Varun. asked 3 months ago

Hey maxine udah gua follow sekarang coba jawab pertanyaan guah ya baca baik baik meks jadi kan kamu udah lama di sini sejak kapan hahaha daritadi ah santai aja kali udah kamu istirahat gapapa kaya ke siapa aja ayo dimakan jangan sungkan lagian bisa pulang pergi gak jauh kok yah kita kan namanya manusia cuman tau depannya aja kalau dalemnya siapa tau rame banyak jambret.


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  • International Wellbeing Center: 0812-905-29034 (SMS/WhatsApp)

  • E-counseling Yayasan Pulih: [email protected]

alluka asked 3 months ago

what is something you’d say to the 12 years old you?

Carlotta. asked 3 months ago · 10 answers

what is your comfort food?

Oh, it’s always nasi uduk, waking up early (forcefully) never made my mood, so I need a good food to make me feel alive and energise me to start the day, and my choice is nasi uduk, I love the way how it smells, the coconut milk mixed with the fried onion as the sole topping and how the telor balado dominate every munch I had with the nasi uduk in it, it’s heaven for me!

Carlotta. asked 3 months ago · 6 answers

take a calculator, put your shoe size & add two zeros after it, minus it with the year you were born, then plus the year of the present, you will get the numbers with last two digits is your age or the age you will be turning to. try and have your result.

alluka asked 3 months ago

how do yo take care of a friend who’s gamon and self-destruct themselves by still talking with their ex who keeps hurting them? 🧍🏻‍♂️

Zion asked 4 months ago · 6 answers

What are your 3 current favorite things?

Zora. asked 4 months ago

Lu jomblo atau single mom?

Taken by Barry Keoghan ARRRRrrrrGGhhhHhhhh my Jokerrrrrrr

Zora. asked 4 months ago

Udah tau arti ihacoy ngga, Max?

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

what are you going to do kalau tau ternyata lingkungan keluarga kamu itu toxic and can't support what you do? and whatever you do is never enough for them?

Carlotta. asked 4 months ago · 7 answers

hi! how are you doing today? gimana bulan Juninya this far?

Seru sebenernya I experienced a lot of new things but I think I didn’t get enough sleep lately

Carlotta. asked 4 months ago · 15 answers

3 top jajanan yang biasanya beli di indomart?

Nissin soes coklat itu enak banget, chitato yang original, sama jelas kitkat

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