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QOTD — What's your favourite ship dynamic?
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:3 < the kind where they are domestic and they have bills to pay and they fight over who gets the last bit of coffee ❤️❤️

I like when it starts off awkward and they bug each other but eventually start to like each other. But I hate when it goes too far and the characters essentially change ♡

opposites attract is a classic for a reason. i'm also quite fond of ships where one or the both learns from one another; not necessarily "fix" their partner ( i find the 'i can fix them' trope distasteful ), moreso as the saying goes, "to be loved is to be changed." my favourite example is when partner A struggles and tries to learn how to show affection, while partner B needs to get used to accepting it.
⠀⠀misc: bunny/wolf, old married couple, two bastards bastardizing, two prodigies turn stupid together, painful soulmate dynamics
⠀⠀honourable mention: unrequited love

uhhhh when they hate each other and want to kill the other and they genuinely can’t stand each other

filtry x awkward, friends to lovers, mutual pinning, slow burn, short top x bottom tall, sun x moon and many more i don't remember lol

honorable mention ermmm homies to lovers, childhood friends to lovers and enemies to lovers are so damn cute TOO

I really like the classic "friends to lovers" & "temporarily one sided" because that happened with my partner and I.

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