gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ asked 5 months ago

random questions but what r least favorite kinda carrds? as in liek.. u just think they’re not easy to read or like ugly idk lol 😭 just wanna be kinda controversial hehe ( ill answer with the carrds made by redacted in 2021 n it become an unfortunate carrd trend that luckily died out lol ) - 🌈

LMFAOOO ok i dont have a specific carrd in mind but it's really frustrating when a carrd is too hard to read and there's too many colours if you know what i mean? like i found a HEAVILY rainbow themed carrd back then and it was so crazy?? who on earth finds that appealing 😭 it's not even just rainbow but it's like neon-ish too? it literally gave me a headache just looking at it 😭 but design wise i dont really have a least favourite one bc i think all the designs i've seen so far are really cool, it's mostly just the weird combination of colours that pissed me off LOL but anyways i wasnt in 2021 carrdtwt (?) so im not sure who ure talking about... and now im curious 🧐

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