gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ asked 5 months ago

OOH i definitely agree with the horrid neon color scheme that is just an eyestrain for everyone especially those who can like. especially be affected by that kinda shit yknow? also its just uglysjshsk.. ill let u know who it is bcus he is actually rly disgusting, got called out for pretty nasty shit, and so its not bad to mention who it is.. it was iesbino and his carrds were pretty much hated by a lot of ppl as it was like rly, rly hard to read by many ppl. (btw his prns r he/pup so u dont misgender him by accident !!) anyway yea.. idk where he is now tbh hopefully **** - 🌈

yea it's so unappealing and it gives people eyestrain like there's no good reason to make carrds like that or even like them 😭 OH WAIT i think i've read a thread about pup, i dont really remember which crds he made but thanks for letting me know!

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