gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ asked 4 months ago

ahh hi >< i would've messaged u this on ur crd retrospring but it was kinda overly personal to send on ur other retrospring acc lol so im sending it here.. hope u dont mind btw !! first of all, tysm 4 complimenting my name.. that means a lot ^^ also idm u calling me by my name !! that would be nice~ ++ u dont gotta thank me, bcus its always np ♡

anyway.. hope u dont mind me asking again, hru? anything u interested in lately? :0 - mimi

hihi !! i don't mind at all and omg u don't have to thank me!! btw noted heh 🫶🫶 i'm fine tho, tysm for asking! well i'm fixated on yibo and xiao zhan atm they're my loves~ omg u should check out the untamed if you haven't yet! it's a cdrama starring both of them and it's what made me stan them 💗 (just a recommendation tho so u dont have to watch it if you don't want!!) but tbh other than that i feel like i've lost interest in everything else... 😭 it's really frustrating to me so hopefully i'll find some new interests soon LOL but what about you!! how are you? and tell me things that you're interested too! i'd love to know (if u dont mind ofc) bc i feel like we have a lot of shared interests and i always feel excited to talk about them with you ^^ anyways hope you've been doing well mimi and ty for being so nice to me 🫶

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