gojo Λ– ΰ£ͺ ⊹ asked 3 months ago

ur welcome always! i will be honest here and say.. i truly haven't been well for the most part πŸ’” its just a lot of things that i obviously won't get into but uh yeah! how r u though?

(btw despite how im feeling i definitely wanna talk 2 u! bcus ik how caring n sweet u are by how u always r like being like dont feel forced or pressured in any way 2 chat if ur not feeling well.. while i rly appreciate that ofc, i just wanna let u know i totally wanna chat with u despite how im feeling πŸ€— anyway! just wanted to reassure u that.. hope thats ok haha!)

first of all, i dont mind u asking that as i rly do feel happy abt u doing that actually bcus i luv sharing my current faves n stuff hehewhwjeh.. anyway! i haven't gotten into that many new interests except perhaps the saw film series (LOL) but that was an old interest of mine i got more into again! but i rly have been liking fnaf and amanda the adventurer lately! ALSO IVE RLY JUST BEEN INTERESTED IN ONE OF MY ULTIMATE BELOVED "INTERESTS".. JOSHUA HONG FROM SEVENTEEN! (EEE) sry i just srsly luv him smmm n im just rly into photocards too haha πŸ˜… but yeah! i just got a lot of interests rn but i suppose those r the main faves haha! how abt u tho? pls share away ☺️ - mimi

i understand and i respect that, but tysm for the reassurance! (and ofc its ok heh) you absolutely didn't have to tho bc i truly understand and i respect your boundaries, but it's really sweet and nice of you for reassuring me and i want u to know that i really appreciate it 🫢🫢 i do hope everything will get better soon tho bc you really deserve nothing but the best so sending much love to you again πŸ’—πŸ’—

im really glad to know that tho and ahh same!! i love sharing too~ ok but seriously ure so cool?? i could never bring myself to watch saw because it's too gory for me TT but omg WAIT U LIKE FNAF TOO??? AHHHH i was so obsessed with fnaf back then (even tho i've only played the first game and it didn't last long bc i got scared too easily LOL) and the new movie!! have u seen it omg, its not really scary imo but it's still pretty good i think ^^

and it's okay!! u don't have to apologise, it's really nice to see people talking about their interests and i think its super fun too ~ im not that familiar with boy groups tbh but i've looked him up and he seems pretty cute !!

oh i've been really really into jjk lately, i just started season one a few days ago and im so IN LOVE with gojo 😭😭🫢 im a little too obsessed with him and its a little embarrassing but hey its gojo so 🀭 + nanami but πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” im literally so sad about him rn 😭 OK ANYWAYS im just really into anime atm and im just planning to continue haikyuu, mha, hxh & more (its been so long since i've watched it idek which episode or season to continue 😭) and then i wanna start aot after that ~ do u watch any anime and if yes whats ur favs :o anyways sorry for the super late reply omg but sending all the love for you!!

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