Izzy · 4 answers · 7mo

How to mend a brokenheart?

I’ve been struggling to work on this one, honestly. But as far as I’ve learned and experienced, just let yourself feel things. Let yourself go through those so-called shitty phases. There might be times you don’t feel like being alive, you don’t feel like waking up in the morning and living your life, or even just merely breathing, and there might be times your body rejects food, you refuse to sleep, your emotions can’t be understood even by your own self, that’s pretty fine. Being broken somehow means you’re losing many pieces of yourself for awhile, and you might need some time to find it again. I let myself grieve while I’m at it, even when there will be times I can’t feel anything (or in other words, I feel numb at everything). If the question is to mend with a brokenheart, I’m not sure. But if the question is to cope with a brokenheart, I’d go with fill your life with positive things only while you’re still at it. Go take a walk and let your body feel alive if you need it, read self-help/self-improvement books, explore more things (books, movies, songs), make your life worth living again although I ain’t sure it’s gonna completely work, but giving it a try wouldn’t hurt a fly, I promise.

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