Anon asked 17 days ago

do you suppose there might ever be some way to combine ear fucking with prolapse or do i dream the impossible dream

Horny doesn't care for logic, so technically it is possible when someone goes and combines it. Ear fucking is goofy and unrealistic by nature, so thinking you could "go too far" with it seems kind of silly 😆 Smoosh that prolapse to that ear! Enjoy life!

Will I be the one doing it? Probably not. Not soon anyway, because it's not doing anything for me personally, but I know better than to say definitively no to a kink. Can you imagine I didn't use to be into mpreg or hyper lmao.

The idea was still weird enough that I still went ahead and started thinking about the logistics of it haha. My suspension of disbelief can't take me beyond prolapse being too soft and squishy to penetrate an ear canal, buuut what if it's given nowhere else to go. A situation where Subject A is strapped to Subject B (ear to butt) and when Subject B prolapses their butt, the prolapse has nowhere else to go than to Subject A's ear 👀 Very specific situation indeed, but maybe!

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