Anon asked 16 days ago

Let's say that Sir Benedict found himself in the clutches of a wizard with the ability to lock away one's sense of shame/ guilt/humiliation... in how much "trouble" would our dear beloved knight be in? ๐Ÿ‘€

Uuu, this is such a good question...!!

Currently shame and guilt drive Sir Benedict in hiding and indulging himself in private and then feeling really bad afterwards. He would definitely give in to his body's urges way more frequently or even actively seek them out.

I could easily see him turn a tavern into a gang bang by accident and the rumours would spread so fast. There already are rumours about Sir Benedict going around, but since he is relatively chaste in public, most people would think its here-say. He would still be trying to act all heroic, but he wouldn't really care if anyone witnessed him giving in to his urges or actively seek them out. He would get his pussy filled so much and by pretty much anything and everyone. Everyone in the kingdom would know about the whore knight Sir Benedict.

Assuming the effects are permanent and if this escalated to its peak, I'd imagine he'd be eventually arrested by the royal guard and brought to the king for bringing shame to the kingdom. Sir Benedict might be reduced to be king's concubine or the king might also use him to breed soldiers like Corvus did... ๐Ÿ‘€

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