Anon asked 12 days ago

I'm so so glad to have found your art again!!!! Aaa!!!!I remember following you back in Bug Fuck Guy era but haven't been on Twitter since then, and I'm foaming @ the mouth at Crazy Insane Prolapse Guy Era. Thank u so much for dinner mmm yum Delicious!! Planting the suggestion of Sir Benedict cloaca prolapse and oviposition W/ huge eggs. Knock That Man Up NOW!!!!

My goodness, welcome back!! 🤩 I'm glad you're having fun, because I certainly am!

I'm cackling at "Bug Fuck Guy era" and "Crazy Insane Prolapse Guy Era" because it is so damn accuraye 😆

Man, I don't remeber if I have drawn sir Benny really knocked up since the first comic, I might have to fix that.... 👀

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