Kate Matsuda asked 5 months ago · 13 answers

Central europe now also suffers from the heat wave after the southwest has been scorched. This office is at 32.3 degrees centigrade and rising. I do cope with this by a strict shoes off, no movement, slow fan speed, moist t-shirt policy. You?

It was 114°F (45°C?) when I got in the car yesterday at 5:52PM. It didn't drop below 100°F until it was past 10PM. It's been that warm here in the summer for a while now, but this is really first year I can remember it just not really dropping at least ten degrees below 100°F as the sun goes down. The difference is, most places are air conditioned over here. It's pretty unAmerican at my dad's house though, because it's old and insulated poorly. Some of the inner screens on the windows simply don't shut, so you can't really "summer-proof" the house. And turning the AC down low enough that it really cools the house would produce a $900+ utility bill, so it's pretty warm in there. I dress for the weather, normally, and we have fans that if I'm really miserable I just put one right on me. So it stays around 76°F - 80°F in the house. Not exactly cool, but not kill your ass dead hot.