Merida asked 4 months ago Β· 12 answers

Do you think you could work at Walmart? I was seeing some pictures of Walmart's customers outfits. I don't think I'd be prepared to work there. It would be impossible to me to keep the straight face tbh.

Yeah, I have. I WISH people being dressed clownishly, unconventionalally or counter-fashionably were the "problems" you have working at walmart. The people are mostly boring, actually. Although, idk what I'm supposed to be looking for that's so outrageous most of the time anyhow. I think "people of walmart" type shit is often just classisim, etc.

The last semi attention grabbing thing I saw someone wearing in walmart was a kid with one dangling earring that was like a 1/12 scale guillotine. And that only caught my eye because it was a smidgen dope. Of course, the Open Carry people always stand out to me, too. But they probably don't stand out to many other people. I'm just someone who still thinks, "excellent, a regular jackoff who can't figure out how to scan his bananas at self-chexkout who's also got a murder bang bang no steppy toy in a public setting! That should be fine."