A curious cat asked 10 months ago

Hey, love the site! Just a little suggestion: it's a bit confusing to have the smiley face turn into a frowny face after you like a post because having a frowny face with a number next to it makes it look like that many people disliked the post. I think turning it green is enough to indicate that you clicked on it. Maybe the frowny face could be a <1-second animation when you click to undo a like, not the end-state for after you have liked a post.

First of all, glad to hear you love the site!

And yeah, we've had this feedback for a while now and thought about how to approach this. Your suggestion makes sense, and that probably is what we will implement at some point (there's just a few more important things at the moment).

I can speak out of the "design" or "experience" idea around why the choice was made initially, and that simply comes from it being a mixture of it signaling you smiled something already (it's green) but the frowning face denotes the next action that is happening on the click of the button. Probably was a bit more thinking into it than necessary which created this confusion in the end.

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