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anon asked 9 days ago

You were way cuter before transitioning. I bet if you become a boy again it won’t be impossible for u to find a muscle mommy. Really though just detransition and marry me. NOW.

i'm sorry i wish i could stay a girl but i must continue my transition by fully becoming what i truly know to be authentic to me, an alpha chad enby

anon asked 3 months ago

How are you so cool??!! Ö.ö
I know it’s probably harder than it seems, but still.
I learned a lot from you like not being an aspiring boomer anymore and figuring out I can be non-binary over the last year. Thank you for that! <3

i'm not rlly that cool, or at least i don't want people to think i'm trying to be...honestly i'm more just a clueless dork who just has weird hobbies. i have no idea what not being an aspiring boomer is or how you learned that from me since i like energy drinks and just wanna buy a house and work on stuff in a shed or whatever but being non binary is based at least, congrats on the self discovery ig :)

anon asked 4 months ago

25 boy from sg here, you seem weird. i like weird. would be cool to chat, i just dont know how to. fuck, i dont even know how i ended up on your site lol

idk what sg means but i think i'm pretty good at responding to people on fedi and stuff, i just don't like dming random people a lot because it just ends up taking all my time

anon asked 4 months ago


Epsi asked 6 months ago · 29 answers

Have you meowed, waffed, awooed or made any other animal noise today?

anon asked 7 months ago

Just wanted to say that you seem like a very cool person, I'd love to talk to you someday.

Also, you are kinda adorable, makes me wanna hug you :3

anon asked 7 months ago

i hope you find a cute girl that fits your unreasonably expectations, i understand what its like to be lonely and i cant get used to it either.
Do your best femcel.

anon asked 7 months ago

Kill yourself.

anon asked 7 months ago

no bitches? :(

Koneko Toujou asked 8 months ago · 10 answers

If you could travel to another place or country, no questions asked, no payments needed. Where would you go?

maybe taiwan for a short while but i like where i live currently

Koneko Toujou asked 8 months ago · 10 answers


Koneko Toujou asked 8 months ago · 12 answers

Are you tired?

anon asked 8 months ago

If you could obtain one gun that you really want (legal, illegal, modern, antique, doesn't matter), what gun would it be?

partridge asked 8 months ago · 8 answers

What is your hot drink of choice?

anon asked 8 months ago

what really happened to baiku-chan?

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