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In what ways are you privileged?

Until I moved to FL I had never seen trailers or imagined people could live in them. People have told me that I'm sheltered, like a friend who "grew up poor" when I didn't believe they've never flown on an airline or experienced summer camp. She also went "boy you're spoiled" when I couldn't find the button to roll the windows down in her car lmao!

I wasn't raised on the poverty line and my health is generally ok (not sense or physical issues). I also don't have any severe issues with my appearance that may cause me to be ostracised by society.

I am privileged to have such supportive parents that made me who I am today. I am privileged for my health for being able to talk and have two eyes to see the beauty of the world.

I have a family. My mom is very supportive of me [in her own ways]. Thanks to my brain I was able to pursue higher education. I have a job. I may look healthy. I have few but good friends ...

I'm alive still, don't generally have to worry much about being harassed by cops, im in good health, i got a roof over my head regardless, i have freedom to do whatever tf i wanna do within reason so we good

I may roam 3 countries without border checks or searched by police and asked if my suspiciously "asian" face means I am dealing with cocaine. Also nobody polices me when I'm tanning in the nude on my balcony/rooftop.

I'm white, heterosexual, male, intelligent, healthy, I was not abused at home, I have good friends and i live in a rich country

My parents do a lot of nice things for me and make sure I have everything I need, they're pretty much supportive of me in general

I have a roof over my head, which is way more than a ton of people have in this shit hole country

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