haiii im vio! aka crrdcore :] i made crds and enjoy coding so ask anything here :33

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vionater69 asked 1 day ago

hi ☺️☺️ when is the standard tut of tubatu drr coming?

SOON I PROMISE ☹️☹️ it’s just taking a Long time to edit since the raw video is over an hour long 💔💔

vionater69 asked 1 day ago

hiii vio ! the embed for music player here isnt working anymore :< is there perhaps any other alternative for the code? thank u very much!

oh no :(( ur best bet is to use this mp and just leave out the cd part :/ bc as of rn i don’t know any alternative to that exact code

🧺 asked 4 days ago

HAII VIO … its lin😋😋 idk if u rmber me i was dollcrds LMAO its been like a year but im slowly trying to inch my way back into the carrd community & i just wanted to say ur recent designs ARE SO COOL crrdcore #1 inspiration


vionater69 asked 7 days ago

"i completely forgot about this…. it’ll be out tomorrow morning sorry anon 💔💔"
My reply : Np, I can wait. And happy birthday, even though I don't know which day it is. <33

tysm for understanding!! and it’s sunday in case you were wondering 🫶🏼

vionater69 asked 10 days ago

hii! do you think you can make a pro standard tut on the tubatu crd

sure! i’ll try to get it out by end of this week but my birthday is this weekend so it might take a little longer 😭

vionater69 asked 11 days ago

hi! i was wondering if you give copies of tubatu drr ac ?

vionater69 asked 11 days ago

Hello ! First of all THANK YOU for the tuto !!
And I have a new request 👉👈 : - - -

vionater69 asked 13 days ago

Hello, can you make a tutorial for this carrd ?

vionater69 asked 13 days ago

about the carrd giveaway what is standard 25? i thought carrd was just pro standard or pro plus…

standard 25 is just the amount of slots you get! in a standard plan you get 10 slots and you have to pay more to get 25 slots! same thing with plus 50!

vionater69 asked 16 days ago

hiii can u make a pro standard tut for the diary crd please? 🤍

sure! i’m a little busy tomorrow but it should (hopefully) be up friday! saturday at the latest :)

vionater69 asked 23 days ago

hello !! i was remaking one of your carrds and i realized it only looks right on 1280 x 720 when i go to 1920 x 1080 it looks off ! is there any fix to this

you’re gonna have to manually change the positioning of whatever looks wrong! absolute positioning unfortunately does not translate well to every device :(

vionater69 asked 2 months ago

how does one know if you rejected their carrd req?

if i don’t dm you telling u i have accepted in 72 hours i have denied ur req! if you didn’t leave an @ for me to contact i also deny ur req

vionater69 asked 2 months ago

how do you get inspo on new carrd layouts? or like whats ur process im interested in making my own layouts but im new to carrd :(

honestly i don’t really have a set process 😭 for inspo on new designs i have a board on pinterest that makes me feel inspired so u can look there to see what I personally like in carrd designs. but as for a process i kinda just look through my inspo board and start throwing things at the wall 😭😭 idk it’s hard to explain but i just try a bunch of stuff to see what looks good and what doesn’t. the whole process takes me minimum a week to fully flesh out everything i want in the crd. there’s just a lot that goes into making a new layout esp if it’s complicated but it’s super fun to do so i hope this helps!!

vionater69 asked 2 months ago

hello! sent a carrd req, i do have a space for extra carrds to come! i just forgot to send in my screenshot t___t

vionater69 asked 3 months ago

the mark { colour changed!! thank u so much ^^

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