hi i'm sukka

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anon asked 1 day ago

Hi hi!!! I used to follow you on tumblr forever ago when it still had nsfw, and I remember when your boys were homestuck trolls 🫣 and it's so good to see that your art is still just as sexy and they still fucking!!!! SLAY

omggg THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ;-; im still obsessed with the same boysss it's trueeee... they just shot into my heart and ive been obsessed for like 10 years now!! BUT AT LEAST IT'S EASY TO RECOGNIZE ME..????

anyway thank you so much!! ;w; also for the birthday wishes on the other message, i assume thats you too?? :3c 💕💕

anon asked 8 days ago

heyo dude! sorry if this is a boring ass question, but how do you decide what stays on patreon and what gets to go public? its been something ive personally struggled with

it's essentially random, or just up to how i feel! i literally have no better response than that lmfao 🙈 i guess my only """rule" is that i don't post sketches/doodles outside of patreon, but i break that sometimes too........ so like. it's random.

anon asked 14 days ago

hi I love the way you draw cum 😳 do u have any tips as an aspiring smut artist

ummm.. my advice for nsfw things is basically always gonna be "look at porn", but porn that is aesthetically pleasing to you specifically.. but in case of cum, i'd say look at any substance that has that cum-like consistency (like some soaps!) and roll with that lmfao!!

anon asked 29 days ago

what gives the homestuck reference away i think its the dyed streak in the front. I remember how back in the past many fantrolls had the eridan hair lol (I don't mean this as a lack of creativity comment, its actually a nice throwback)

yeah i liked the headcanon that some trolls have just natural blood-color streaked hair, and Fordic was like that in burgundy! even as a human we've kept that, that his red streak is natural (even if it makes no sense for humans, but whatever)

good times.....

anon asked about 1 month ago

bonjour! I just wanted to ask out of curiosity if you’ve ever thought of releasing one drawing of your choosing publicly from your Patreon. I’ve seen quite a few artist do this and wanted to know if you have or you just choose not to. Anywhoooo, have a good day/night!! 💗💗

i mean, everything i draw goes on my patreon, and i do post art publicly too, so technically those are pieces from my patreon..? i usually also post first on patreon and later in public (the time varies, sometimes it's within the same day, sometimes it's weeks or months later)

the patreon-only stuff is often doodles, sketches and rarely paintings.. most sketches/doodles i won't ever post outside of patreon, but for example, the other year i did a christmas painting on patreon, and then a year later, last christmas, i posted it in public :3 so yeah i do do that, it's just kinda random!

anon asked about 1 month ago

what are all your ocs names? How would you recommend coming up with name ideas bc i love their names 🥺

anon asked about 2 months ago

could we mayhaps get some more of those taboo dynamics posts? good lord i wanna make ocs and ship them based on those

not on my main account, for p*treon has forbidden me from posting nasty content on my main (cause it's tied to my patreon account), so if i do stuff like that it's gonna be over at @ drippingsock on twitter!

anon asked about 2 months ago

Will you draw more Purrina? She's si adorable I can't get enough of her and your art of her!

YEAH yes i will!!! but sadly p*treon doesn't like the stuff i draw of her (i like to bully her) so most of the art of her is gonna be over at @drippingsock ! but all the sfw / nonbullying pics will be posted as usual!

anon asked about 2 months ago

OMG! thoughts on stridercest?

love me a dave pining for his big bro (both mutual and unrequited r cool, but i prefer it being unclear what bro's thinking since he's a mysterious fella in canon)
& love me a dave awkwardly projecting that pining on dirk who's all too happy to accept it 😔

anon asked about 2 months ago


anon asked about 2 months ago

Favorite homestuck villain?

jack/bec noir!! i love a murder man, and the furry in me can't deny the charm of a murderous wolfy man

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