hi i'm sukka

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anon asked 4 days ago

me when seeing your art: 💞 it brings me such joy

I'M SO GLAD autism creature yippee is how you feel... thank you... 💖💖💖💖💖

anon asked 5 days ago

do you even like the angel x husk ship? i kinda am not a fan

yeah sure, i mean honestly i kinda like everyone having their turn fucking angel,,,, baby's first bicycle

anon asked 7 days ago

do you have a fav food & fav color

anon asked 8 days ago

oh my god i can't believe i found you again i remember almost ten years ago back when fordic was a homestuck oc and it was absolutely mind-blowing to little egg me that you could draw art of boys with pussies... back before the great tumblr purge... I'm glad you kept going all these years later

omggg yeah it's been!! a long ass time since fordic and co were trolls, but :3 they're still here.. and i'm still drawing them like a crazy person, and i'm loving it!!!!!

and i'm glad to have blown minds with bussy all that time ago.. it kinda blew my own mind too, and allowed me to explore my own gender! ´w` fordic helped me find myself.. bless him and his pussy 🙏🙏🙏🙏

anon asked 19 days ago

How did you get that picture of me staring at my phone in bed at 3am on the splash page?

anon asked 19 days ago

hi!! this might seem like an odd question im sorry but do you have any advice for how to join nsfw art twt..? id love to start an acc with all my art of my ocs and share with people but it seems so hard to..get in? if that makes sense ? 😭

uhhh i... guess, just make an account and start posting stuff...? :0c i honestly don't really know what you mean by getting in 💦 idk now it sounds like there's some wider nsfw community everyone's aware of and i had no idea that it exists lmfao, im so the wrong person to ask 😭🙈

anon asked 26 days ago

Hihiiii, so I was thinking, I know it's not TECHNICALLY possible since Crest is trans, but do you think he and Fordic would ever have a child? Maybe the Cuvier babies would like another sibling <3<3

hides the multiple AUs we have where crest impregnates fordic behind my back

anon asked 26 days ago

since you like hazbin, will we see some fan art of it from you? :3

perhaps! im not very often motivated/inspired enough to draw finished fanart, so it's usually just sketches/doodles! i need an otp to care about something enough to put all that time and effort (or monetary motivation thru commission lmfaooo) and currently i don't have any otps in hazbin.. (i do like thinking about val raping angel thooo, which i have sketched,,,, but atm it's such a messy sketch u cant even tell whats going on, so we shall see if it becomes something i can share at some point)

tldr, i dunno maybe

anon asked about 1 month ago

I think if you clarified Fordic and Crest's relationship a little (whether or not it's a relationship existing in the same universe as their husbands) maybe the hateful comments would stop a little... I must admit I'm still a little confused! Is crest and fordic something like cheating? or open relationship? because cuvier doesn't give me the vibe of someone who likes this kind of thing

fordic and crest's relationship is an ever evolving thing that doesn't currently have a set "canon" state. we have explored a lot of different kind of AU scenarios, but haven't decided on what would be the.. like, default way their relationship works. they're sometimes queerplatonic, sometimes poly, sometimes something else.. but fordic will never cheat on cuvier, so whatever the kind of relationship they have, it will be approved by cuvier!

anon asked about 1 month ago

i love smol boy, big egg and your art (and just the PINK MMMMUAH) You've helped me to gain confidence in drawing NSFW/stuff I actually wanna draw/write. Also; fuck the entiled anons. If you don't wanna see the art/posts - or sub to patreon - don't. its' that easy! WOW! anyone can do it!!

also; uhhh any brushes you'd recc for CSP to make art as tasty as yours?


UNFOrtunately i dont use CSP.. ive been using photoshop since i was 10 years old (which makes it now 20+ years) so it's... fucking impossible to let go, even when adobe is so actively shit T_T disgustin.g. oh well...

anon asked about 1 month ago

I don't normally leave asks like this, but seeing all the hate messages is just so unfortunate.
I rememeber following your art way back in the Tumblr days, and you really inspired me to explore characters and relationships in art that I wouldn't have before. I don't think my art would be as successful as it is now without that. I hope you know how meaningful your art is ❤️

thank you so much ;w; i'm rlly happy to hear i could inspire you!! it really does warm my heart to hear people getting something positive out of my art ❤

anon asked about 1 month ago
anon asked about 1 month ago

I draw rape doujinshis that become kinda popular en in the fandom im in but now i receive hate messages all day, menaces of kms and messages that said i dont respect rape victims and all that bullshit. Its funny cus im a victim myself and i use art to vent my emotions. Idk how to say this but you are a big inspiration in art and life, so i wonder if you have been in that situation too? And what did you do?

anon asked about 1 month ago

B ut its just doenst get into my head . how are you married if you aroace Whats the difference be tween that and A friend ship ?

idk, if you wanna get married to your friends, share your life with them, dream about growing old together, prioritise each other in your lives, and are in mutual agreement to not do those things with other ppl... then i guess it's just friendship! 🤷‍♂️ in the end it matters very little, marriage is just a piece of paper and a legal status.

anon asked about 1 month ago

I follow you since your homestuck era in tumblr and now i subscribe to your patreon! I always loved your art you are a big inspiration!!!!

THAT'S OVER 10 YEARS OMG... 😭😭 Thank u so much for sticking with me.. 🥹💝❤️

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