hi i'm sukka

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ask me something! or tell me something, idk


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anon asked 24 days ago

you had a ych on your other account that I unfortunately cannot find anymore - are you still offering that? ;;

i don't think i've ever done a YCH..? i think u got the wrong person, sorry!

anon asked 25 days ago

On the topic of tloz (this is a different anon) do you think revali would be jealous of Sidon's outgoing mannerism with link and their closeness? I like to think when revali gets jealous his feathers all fluff up lol

i think he'd be more envious of the fact that sidon gets a statue (regardless of if it's with link riding him or not lmfao) and HE, THE GREAT REVALI, doesn't...

anon asked 25 days ago

Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen

those commissions are ok too, i've drawn ramsay before, i have experience 👌

anon asked 25 days ago

Omg I meant Hollow Knight djjdjddn not Hello Kitty AHDJDJDJ

Would you be down to do some Hollow Knight commisions?

LMFAOOO both hello kitty AND holllow knight commissions are very much ok!!! :3 fdhgjhjfdhjg

anon asked 25 days ago

Opinions on soft mommy domme zelda and chaotic sub link?

im sorry but i really dislike both mommy-kink and zelda/link in general, this sooo missed the target audience LMFAOOO

anon asked 26 days ago

Would you be down to doing some HK commissions?

anon asked 28 days ago

haven’t popped in on you and your stuff in a while so i feel blessed to have been graced by mermaid fordic. the absolute prettiest!!

hehehe thank you!! :3 i really like drawing merman fordic stuff..!! i wanna draw even more ´q` ❤❤

anon asked about 1 month ago

wondering if your merfordic is based on or inspired by any real life ocean critter?

nope.. just my imaginary fishy guy... it'd be cool to make a design based off of an actual critter tho! :3

anon asked about 2 months ago

I really love your art especially the dead dove type! 💖💖 I know you have a locked twitter acc for your ~problematic~ art, but will you be still posting art on your baraag acc? Since I don't have a twitter acc (for now) I would like to see more of your work, I followed your baraag acc a while ago. baraag is really a good place to archive art when twitter lately been permanent suspending nsfw artists and especially the ones that draw dead dove.

omg thank you so much! ;w; also yeah i plan on using baraag more.. i've been forgetting it exists, frankly, but i wanna give it more attention (especially when im more in the mood of drawing Nasty Stuff)

anon asked about 2 months ago

Recently I discover this new problematic kink, what do you think of transphobic x trans person? It's the way the abuser invalidate the victim while doing it. Let me know if it's uncomfortable!

anon asked about 2 months ago

i love your art so much the way you draw bodies is so squishy and pretty i wanna eat your art /pos

omg ;o;; aww thank you so much!! i rlly like squishy bodies so im.. super glad u think the bodies i draw are squishy!!! thank u !!!´w` 💖💖

anon asked 3 months ago

hihiiiii, your incest art is the reason I met one of my closet friends I've ever had. We're getting an apartment together soon and I just wanted to thank you for giving me the courage to talk abt my "taboo dark fiction" fetishes. I've managed to weed out some nasty people from my life by being more comfortable with kinks like incest and grooming and even met some new, genuinely sweet people throughout the process. Thanks for being nasty, I hope you have an amazing day <3<3<3

omg this is so wholesome and sweet!! ;w; i'm glad you've found people you can share interests with without fear, and CONGRATS ON THE APARTMENT!! i hope u guys enjoy living together ´w`

this really cheered me up, thank you!! 💖 i will keep loving and sharing the love for dark fiction foreverrrr 💖💖💖

anon asked 4 months ago

Ohhh you like Hollow Knight?

yeah i do!! it's one of my favorite games ´w` looking forward to silksong..!

anon asked 5 months ago

aaa i miss seeing your nasty art on my tl ;-;

i will announce what my side account @ is when i feel like posting some nasty shit again ❤

anon asked 5 months ago

Genuine question, you align your main oc as transmasc, but he dresses very feminine. In which I'm confused where the masculine part is aside from him being male?Is he not just a feminine boy? femboy? How does masculine have meaning?

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