anon asked about 2 months ago

what kind of aftercare does fordic and cuvier like/need? sweets, cuddles, affirmation?

their most common aftercare routine is cuvier bathing fordic. fordic often falls asleep or literally passes out after sex (sometimes during) so it's soothing for both of them to have that kind of soft, calm moment together. for cuvier, it's important to be gentle with fordic after some Rough Stuff, plus he really enjoys and is at peace when he's cleaning something up, so bathing fordic is essentially that. for fordic, it's both physically and mentally relaxing and comforting. after the bath, cuddles if fordic is awake, and if not, cuvier puts him to bed and lets him snuggle next to him while he reads a book.

they also often talk, reassure and reaffirm each other, and especially after a very rough/intense session the next day (or when possible) they have kind of a Status Check chat with each other.

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