anon asked about 1 month ago

hi! i just noticed that the nasty account got susp-ed :(( r u planning on remaking it or keeping everything nasty from now on exlusively on patreon/other site???

ive been trying to appeal the sussypending but they havent responded as of yet. i'm getting the feel i'm not gonna get the account back. v__v i've made a new account but i havent posted anything yet, so i havent announced it.. but when i get some energy back, i'll repost some stuff and announce the @ on my twitter!

(i absolutely cannot post stuff like that on p*treon, they don't allow me to post things against their rules on my main twitter or their site itself, thats why i have the side account in the first place... if not for p*treon's rules, i would just post everything on my main lol, which i actually used to do before i got contacted by p*treon staff to delete it all)

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