anon asked 29 days ago

may be a personal question so ignore if need be.
i wonder how you deal with transphobic “proshippers” if you ever see them at all ? as someone under the trans umbrella, it’s getting really frustrating to see these sorts of people using proship talking points and preach about anti-censorship but draw the line at trans representation. i can never side with them, knowing that they hate my mere existence.

i deal with them the same way i deal with anyone i dislike: i block them and ignore them. i havent actually seen anyone claiming the term proship while being transphobic, but im not that surprised since there's shitstains in all groups of people u_u anyway, i block proshippers who are mean the same as i would block anyone who's mean. i dont have enough spoons to deal with that kind of stuff so block&ignore is the optimal solution for me

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