anon asked about 1 month ago

Genuine question, you align your main oc as transmasc, but he dresses very feminine. In which I'm confused where the masculine part is aside from him being male?Is he not just a feminine boy? femboy? How does masculine have meaning?

transmasculine is an umbrella term that includes anyone whose gender is partially or fully masculine, and it includes trans men. fordic is both a trans man and transmasculine!

(btw a lot of the outfits i draw him in are just stuff i personally like to draw, not stuff he'd canonically wear. not that anyone aside from me and apri would know that lmfao)

anyway regardless of what he wears, if his experience of himself is masculine, then he's transmasc. the meaning of masculinity depends on the individual, so in my opinion it's better not to judge what terms others use for themselves or their OCs, since it's always (or mostly) personal (for many, OCs can be a way of exploring their gender or their understanding of gender, so i'm including OCs in that sentence)

anywayyy i hope that answers your question!

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