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Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

Oh? So you waited me all day long? That’s cute, and I feel guilty for not reaching you out as soon as possible… I’m sorry 😟 And yes, there was a lot of yummy foods! You do like tea too much, don’t you? Me too! We can have our tea date next time (if you wouldn’t mind) Btw, I don’t like mie ayam… it just tastes weird… especially their broth, aku suka mie pangsit banget!

Noooo, I mean yes but don't feel guilty please I just.. apa ya, it's fun talking with you 🥹 Whaaa, I hope you eat well today (you must be) Yep, yk like I want to taste all tea variant dari brand yg beda gituu kamu paham gak? AAAAAA I don't mind at all!! (yes, we should do our tea date next time) :3c WHY.. sksjshehshhs tapi mie pangsit juga enak! Basically anything that called "noodles" are best!! Mie favorit kamu selain mie pangsit apaa? 🤔

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

Hey Laurie! I’m sorry I was gone for a whole day, got a family gathering to attend. Hari ini kegiatannya tadi apa aja? I ate a lot to day sampe perut aku mau meledak, have you had yours? Btw, kamu suka pangsit ga?

Hey! That's fine, the fact that you're replied it just now eheh. Did you having fun there? It must be alot of delicious foods too, right? Hwah.. Happy tummy happy anon :3 I've had mine dw!! I ate twice a day today, just had my tea too! Sukaa, tapi lebih suka Mie ayam. Kamu suka?

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

Hawo Laurie wucu, hari ini rencananya ngapain? Thank you for making sleep soundly last night, it was the best one! How’s your sleep? 😴

Hawoo! Ngapain ya, hari ini gak ada kegiatan karena libur sampe hari minggu! Ada, sih ngerjain tugas T_T Kalau kamu rencananya ngapain? Anytime :3c I sleep soundly too last night, a bit late tbh heheh 😴

Iyis. asked 5 months ago · 6 answers

tell me your 3 favorite moviesssss!!!!!

Lately are.. Soulmate (2023), Everything Everywhere All at Once, Avatar.

Alrik asked 4 months ago

Oh sombong ya belum followan sama abangnya sendiri

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

REALLY? You swing both ways? Damn… Thank God! You’re talking to someone whose persona is Karina :3c I hope it’s okay to you! Finally I can sleep soundly 😴

Yep, i'm not lying!! :] Awee.. Cute! Hi someone whose using Karina as their persona (with rizz) /jk There's no reason it'll be not okay tho.. Because.. Nevermind! You might find it later. Have tight sleep! Don't let the bed bugs bite! Let's talk again tomorrow! Good night 😴

Emery asked 4 months ago · 12 answers

Have you ever slept for more than 10 hours?

I've once sleep the whole day, but I was sick that day :D

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

Laurieee mau nanya, but I’m sorry in advance if the question makes you uncomfortable. Do you perhaps swing both ways? I found you cute, and I think I have a (little) crush on you…

No no.. that's fine.. 😬 About your question.. Yes, I'm swing both ways. And.. Thank you for calling me this! I still am surprised (in a good way of course) Mhm, who am I talking to anyways, may I get a clue? Anyways, sorry for reply it just now, I hope you have a great day ahead! :3c

saras! asked 4 months ago


Anonymous Coward asked 6 months ago

What was the last thing you ate?

maxine asked 6 months ago

lori pilih aku atau jus nanas

Kamu soalnya jus nanas. Kalo jus semangka bisa dipertimbangkan lg

Iyis. asked 6 months ago · 3 answers

how can you heal yourself from the things you can't even tell??

Iyis. asked 6 months ago · 2 answers

ayam atau bebek???

Iyis. asked 6 months ago

alyssa suka matcha ngga??

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