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Danish K. Gabriel asked 5 months ago

Oscar Oscar apa yang Oasis?

Emang bener ya orang yang ga bingung cuman orang yang di surga.

Alrik asked 26 days ago · 4 answers

What's your go-to beverage when you go to the cafe?

Alrik asked 26 days ago · 3 answers

How's early September for you so far? And how was August?

My september was roller coasting enough that I couldn't even grasped it yet that September is going to end soon. August was amazing. My most amazing month of the year.

Elloah Hiro asked 5 months ago

What is your memorable moment in 20120?

I don't know if I ever could leave until that year bro...

Alrik asked 5 months ago

What’s your songs pick when you want to unwind after a long day?

Alrik asked 5 months ago

What’s something you’d eat right away right now?

Capcay but like the capcay yang kuahnya merah dan kental… and i kind of could only get this type of capcay back in my hometown.

Beau Saga asked 7 months ago · 10 answers

A note to yourself?

Not everyone could understand you, the same like you couldn't understand everyone. Understand that people can't always be how you want them to be, and as much as you don't like a person never ever throw a hurtful comments on them eventhough it might be hard for you.

Alrik asked 6 months ago · 7 answers

What would you do to prevent feeling too hollow?

I actually don't really know how to prevent it. For me, feeling hollow is natural and it happens to everyone. As for how to overcome it, I do think that distracting ourselves by mayhaps surround ourselves with people who care with us is actually really help. I don't think took out ourselves from society helps in mending the hollow feelings, if we are alone we tend to overthink and it makes we are feeling saddened with why are we even feeling this hollow in the first place.

Write down what we are feelings also helps a lot in my case, and if you want to cry just cry if you want to shout do shout. I hope that it helps!

Alrik asked 5 months ago · 10 answers

What’s your comfort song lately?

Ngga comfort song tp bulan April dipenuhi oleh gw muterin Always.

NK asked 6 months ago · 9 answers

Something that you can't forget when it comes to RP?

ofNCTDream I guess, I think I would love to end my RP career as a part of them.

Lian asked 6 months ago · 4 answers

You can only choose one. To love, or to be loved?

Everyone want to be loved, including me but the feeling of loving others feels more comfortable? I meant you know when you love someone you can feels a lot of feelings in you, and I think it would created beautiful memories with whatever results will come by it.

NK asked 7 months ago · 9 answers

If you have one chance to fix your past mistake, what would you do?

𓃥 asked 6 months ago · 12 answers

What's the latest song you put in your liked-song and why? #MauNyontek 🦋

Gemintang Hatiku by Tiara Andini, hehehe just randomly found this song and when I listened to the song it reminds me with my girlfriend so I put the song on my liked list and my playlist for her, hehehehe.

Lian asked 7 months ago

Julius Oscar bulan ini ganti nama dulu jadi Marius Oscar

Nicholas Avery asked 8 months ago · 11 answers

Tell me your favorite novel!

Udah lama ngga baca buku, tapi salah satu buku favorite yang gue bacanya butuh waktu lama karena sangat amat triggering buat gue adalah Amba.

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