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❝What's Your Favorite
⠀ Thing About Space.ᐣ❞

⠀*⠀ Everything! I had a really big interest in the Space outside of our world when I was little, Perhaps I still do⸺I had a really odd liking to 55 CANCRI E at that time though, I don't know why.

I love hhthe milky way. it's so pretty Also neptune best planet. and i like the kuiper belt!!

Ohh, how can i answer this question?? Space is so beatiful that i can't decide what is my favorite thing about space ಥ_ಥ

If I threw a rock at the sun, provided that nothing would come close to or hit the rock, it would absolutely get there
Basically the fact that momentum doesn’t slow. Scary and super cool

stars, i love the stars and how theyre born and how they die. maybe collapse and become a black hole. maybe how some burn out, some go out with a bang. i like stars.

the fact we can see trillions of stars yet we will never be able to see certain stars. it's a little freaky but makes sense :]

ALSO black holes actually show light and they arent fully black. black holes are scary but rlly interesting to look into

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