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I am me.


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parisx asked about 15 hours ago · 5 answers

What's the last book you read?
And did you enjoy it?

Arthur asked about 11 hours ago · 6 answers

What's something I should remember you from time to time? Me: don't use social media right after waking up

LaDamaX asked 8 days ago · 8 answers

What did you last impulsively make a decision about and regret?

The ones I regret are not giving enough time to sticking to my choices

LaDamaX asked 8 days ago · 13 answers

What are you indecisive about (not including what to wear or eat)?

I change my mind too often and too inconsistent with my choices in life. I have relied too much on following how I feel the past year. Decipline is important

LaDamaX asked 7 days ago · 8 answers

Tell me about the most bullshit celebration/party that you’ve ever been to.

Well, just a party I went to with a friend to someone else's birthday party. I felt like I shouldn't have been there because I wasn't invited by him, even though I knew him in passing.

Kate Matsuda asked 5 days ago · 6 answers

If you ever thought you found a dangerous adventure apart from your daily life that would push you to the brink of wetting your pants just try glider flights and especially experiencing the landing. Now I'm off to buy waterproof underwear....

Arthur asked 4 days ago · 6 answers

Is it possible to write news completely without headlines?

Well, the headlines grab the attention. It's possible but probably less people will read it.

Daniel asked 3 days ago · 10 answers

Will you also play Diablo 4?

LaDamaX asked 3 days ago · 13 answers

You can never be lonely if you like who you’re alone with. Agree or disagree?

I think that's true. If we enjoy our free time alone, it doesn't feel lonely but more energizing. That's not to say we want to be alone forever, just that free time can be important to maintaining mental health.

LaDamaX asked 3 days ago · 10 answers

How is it that celebrities are totally head over heels in love and ready to marry someone one minute and then broken-up and are pregnant with some one new the next? Is this just the bohemian lifestyle/personality or are they simply trying to keep themselves relevant?

I was thinking they may be empty on the inside, looking for more thrills in life

Daniel asked 3 days ago · 12 answers

What is too hard?

Loss of identity, motivation, happiness, positivity and drive all at the same time. On the plus side, it makes us move forward because there's nothing to have by standing still. Not even a comfort zone. Because everything's outside the comfort zone.

So I suppose having an extreme imbalance would be harder, because there is a reason to stand still when there is some sort of comfort zone made up. All that rest isn't very restful.

Daniel asked 5 days ago · 10 answers

Why are many people fascinated by true crime stories?

Daniel asked 3 days ago · 17 answers

What was the last videogame that you played?

Arthur asked 3 days ago · 9 answers

How to recover from a facepalm moment?

Arman asked 6 days ago · 11 answers

When you're talking to someone and couldn't care less, how do you fake it to stay polite?

Since my friend in primary school was my bully, physical bullying. I just learned how to be polite to just about anyone

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