Chris CM. Martinez asked 2 months ago · 4 Answers
wear a mask or don't im saying it's ur choice. Don't take away your choice. No gov should take away your choice Heart disease kills more ppl than covid cheeseburgers are legal. don't allow BLM to break windows but I can't go to the park fuck u

Fuck masks. Fuck mask nazis. Fuck government. Fuck Covid-1984 restrictions. Governments don't have a right to force people to wear masks or to do any of their bullshit they're doing. Mask nazis/sheep are anti-breathers. They think they're funny or cute calling people who think for themselves anti-whatever in a derogatory way. That can be used against them too. They literally think breathing is bad because the idiot box said so. This fake pandemic has exposed how dumbed down and brainwashed most people are.

Answered by ASouza