Pandy asked about 2 months ago

Have you been tested for COVID 19?


Have you been tested for COVID 19?

Without symptoms I won't bother, unless testing becomes extremely common and can be done ridiculously quick and almost painlessly.

I've had temperature checks going to the casino.

Nope. A couple of months ago when I had some symptoms of COVID-19 and my respiratory system was acting up, I went to two hospitals to get tested but I was told that unless I was dying I couldn't get tested. It's a pretty usual response that you get in a Th


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no I haven't fuck that. 🙂



no, luckily the region that i live at never had many cases


Yeah I travel too much and my immune system is less than good, it's a hate crime against me if you don't wear a mask TBH

Yeah, I've been tested 4 times. 3 times because I was told I was exposed through work, once because I experienced a fever and chills.

I have not. But I only travel to and from work since this whole thing started.