Pandy asked 15 days ago

What 'conspiracy theory' do you think is most likely to be true?


What 'conspiracy theory' do you think is most likely to be true?

most of them

Answered by xvilyv

MLK jr and JFK deaths. American government is shady AF.

Answered by LaDamaX

Dr David Kelly was murdered.

I'm sick of conspiracy theories and I'm sick of people who think they're class because they're interested in them

Answered by korstybai

JFK's assassination. Even the investigation committee that oversaw it determined some unknown entity conspired to have him killed. Also Jeffrey Epstein's "suicide".


Answered by inhahe

The world has not been created by the Lord, but by the devil, think about it, who else would be interested in telling the story a god did it? Eh?

Answered by Kate

The one about the trafficked children inside the cabinets that you buy on the internet. It’s all true I tell you! swivels eyes

Answered by Penelope

Are you getting these from reddit?

Answered by cLOUD

The conspiracy theories themselves are frequently conspiracy theories - meaning governments intentionally push them to distract/manipulate public opinion and manufacture consent for war or whatever bullshit they're on this week