Should voting be a privilege or a right?


Should voting be a privilege or a right?

a right - if you take away someone's right to vote then you should also exempt them from taxes

It's tempting to want to make it a privilege, e.g. you have to take an IQ test or a test of political knowledge & understanding to vote, but I think that would just end up being taken advantage of in a partisan way by politicians. So it should probably be a right for everyone, maybe even mandatory so that we don't have selection bias, e.g. an effect where a demographic with certain political alignment likes to vote more than another demographic. I also agree with everything else Zou said--ranked voting, let convicts vote, get rid of the electoral college, etc.

To have the right to vote is as important as to have a valid choice which rather seems more like a privilege these days as always.

A right guaranteed no matter the circumstance.. I'm not in favor of ex-felons being barred for life from voting, this is why our abhorrent prison conditions go largely ignored. Ex-cons aren't a voting bloc for any politician to worry about. Same can be said for immigrant communities and Native Americans (so few of them left). I like Australia's voting system which fines you for not participating and offers ranked choice voting. Also get rid of "winner take all" electoral college, an empty cornfield in Iowa shouldn't have the same electoral power as midtown Manhattan.

Most of the time we vote criminals. Millions hate President Donald J. Trump and see him as a criminal. I rest my case.