Pandy asked 3 months ago

What are you tired of?


What are you tired of?

Everything. Life. Society. People.

Having to pee. Such a waste of time, been done to death, unoriginal and uninspired.


Answered by Commons

C 19.I can't travel

Answered by J1smith

the stupid society we live in

Answered by xvilyv

Nastiness in general

Listening to excuses of people why they avoid to behave like responsible adults and rather engage in actions of mindless stupidity and general anti-social behaviours.

Answered by Kate

Not having a purpose. Drinking most nights to numb myself for a little while. Medication making me drowsy when I'm trying to play video games. Feeling depressed and anxious...

being sick 😕

The media fixated on every stupid thing Trump does or says. Hopefully when he's in jail we stop hearing about him.

not being in Nirvana