Pandy asked 2 months ago

Does the internet ever exhaust you? If so, what makes it exhausting to you?


Does the internet ever exhaust you? If so, what makes it exhausting to you?

Social media more than internet itself tbh.

Yes. Drama.

Yes. Bad news and stupid people.

Well, trying to converse, especially about complicated ideas and subjects, on or through social media exhausts me. Social media is a terrible conversational format on so many levels. And everything I say online that I try to quickly summarize, if I bothe


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Marble Tulip Juicy Tree... it's where I want to be.

But, the internet helps me a little bit when I can't be where I want to be. 'denial' might be the name of the type of treatment.

I’ve been on Twitter once in the last year and a half because I’m sick to death of the awful behaviour. And I don’t know the last time I was on Facebook. This is it, folks.


Answered by xvilyv

No it help me

Answered by J1smith

Socialising does for me, yet I still kinda want to for some reason. I don't know anyone who's that accepting or patient with a person suddenly going almost incoherent. I'd rather chill than fight just to be heard. I can also freeze up badly due to social a


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Answered by Antho

Existence exhausts me, the internet is a break

The idiots are so loud and vocal and ever more louder, ever more bitchy idiot than anybody could have expected. Today saw a mother pushing her baby carriage in front of her while the wind made her hair cover her eyes and she filled the rest of her field of


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Answered by Kate

It is, especially social media. I'm thinking of just staying clear of it for a week or two to just gather my thoughts and stop wasting time on them.


Answered by inhahe

Any time Poland is trending on Twitter

Answered by Karina